Exhaust Systems

Enhance your vehicle's performance with a performance exhaust system from Macs Mufflers Strathpine. Maximum Power & Torque is our specialty.

Exhaust Repairs

Most Exhaust Repairs can be completed within 1 hour. Call into Macs Mufflers Strathpine for a FREE inspection & quote on any exhaust repairs for your vehicle. 

Tow Bars

 Macs Mufflers Strathpine offers a wide range of Towbars to suit your towing needs. Contact us to find out the best choice for your vehicle.

Brakes & Suspension

We understand you don't want to be stopped for a long time. Contact us to discuss your Brake & Suspension needs.  

Performance Packages

Whether you have a 4x4 or Sports Sedan, Macs Mufflers Strathpine has a range of Performance Packages to suit your needs.